Wei Q
C I
A: Schwärzlocher Str. 55, 72070, Tübingen, Germany
P: +49 15224395410
: wei@qiu.es
H: http://wei.qiu.es/
G: https://github.com/qiuwei/
O 2011 Erasmus Mundus Language and Communicaon Technologies Double Masters
O 2013 Saarland University, Germany. GPA 1.3/1 A
Université de lorraine, France. GPA 17.2/20 A
Master Thesis: Translang Videos into Natural Language Descripons
(Part of it appeared in Internaonal Conference on Computer Vision 2013)
S 2009
M.A. Computer Applicaon Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China.
O 2011
S 2005
B.S. Computer Science and Technology, Fudan University, China.
J 2009
W   
F 2013 Research intern at M P I I, Saarbrücken
Present Working on Translang videos into natural language descripons
Technologies: N-gram language model, Viterbi decoding, Python, Clojure, Stascal Machine
Translaon, Moses
O 2009 An opinion retrieval system for web text in Chinese.
Implemented the senment analysis module and the relevance score calculaon module.
Technologies: Lemur, C++, Python, Senment analysis, Informaon retrieval
J 2010
Full me research & develop intern at S INC, China
J 2011
J–S. 2010 Designed and developed a place name recognizer which processes ancient Chinese books
Technologies: Java, Axis2, CRFs, SOAP
S.–D. 2010 Designed and developed a hierarchical mul-label mul-class text classifier
Technologies: Java, Axis2, SVM, SOAP
M.–J 2011 Designed and developed a product name recognizer for web text using Java
Technologies: Java, Axis2, CRFs, SOAP
S 2009 Fine-grained opinion mining system for product reviews in Chinese
J 2010 Developed the segmentaon, parsing modules and the integrated opinion mining demo system
using Java
O  
Cloudsn A Gnome applicaon that check for new mails, feeds etc.
Developed the new noficaon component for the new Messagemenu inter-
face introduced in ubuntu 13.10
Ltagextrat A tool which extracts Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar with semancs prop-
erly aligned from treebanks
Design and develop the extracng algorithms
P (Proficient)
C (Proficient)
Programming C++ (Proficient)
Languages: J (Proficient)
C (Intermediate)
M, B, SQL, S,SML, HTML, M
Hands on experience with SMT toolkit moses including training, tuning and
result analysis.
Strong skills of algorithm design and analysis
Strong skills of object oriented analysis and design, experienced with common
design paerns
Solid theorecal and praccal knowledge of Machine Learning, hands-on ex-
perience with various models: HMM, CRF, SVM etc
Advanced knowledge of Linux
Tools and frameworks:
Tools related to Natural language processing and Machine learning:
Stanford parser, NLTK, Scikit-learn, Lingpipe, Moses and so on.
Version controlling tools: Git(Advanced), SVN(Proficient)
Editors and IDEs: Vim(Proficient), Emacs(Intermediate), Eclipse
O 2010 Naonal Graduate Mathemacal Modeling Contest of China 2010, 1 prize.
2009 The Opinion Retrieval Task of Chinese Opinion Analysis Evaluaon 2009, runner-up.
2011 2013 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship(24,000 Euros per year)
2010 Academic Scholarship of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1 prize.
2009 Academic Scholarship of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2ⁿ prize.
2006 People’s Scholarship of Fudan University, 3 prize.
E: Proficient
C: Mother tongue
G: Elementary(A2 level)
Chen, Mosha, Rui Wang, Yi Zhang, and Wei Qiu (2009). Analysis of the Evaluaon Results for our Tasks
in COAE2009”. In: Proceedings of the second Chinese opinion analysis evaluaon, pp. 134–143.
Wang, Rui, Yi Zhang, Wei Qiu, and Mosha Chen (2009). “Combining Data-Driven Constuent and De-
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Qiu, Wei, Gaohui Huang, and Tianfang Yao (2010). Two-Layer Classificaon for Chinese Opinion Ques-
on Based on HowNet. In: Proceedings of Chinese Conference on Informaon Retrieval.
Liu, Jun, Tianfang Yao, and Wei Qiu (2011). A Study on Space-me Elements of Opinion”. In: Journal
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Rohrbach, Marcus, Wei Qiu, Ivan Titov, Stefan Thater, Manfred Pinkal, and Bernt Schiele (2013). Trans-
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